The really short version-Many years ago a therapeutic massage therapist helped me by  correctly identifying the bi-lateral numbness in my hands/arms as Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and not Carpel Tunnel as a doctor I had visited had indicated.  He also indicated that I was not quite ready for surgery! Do not misunderstand me, I am all for doctors but they should be as well-rounded as a massage therapist should be.

Therefore, as I embarked upon my path to become a massage therapist I set about to learn and to continually learn about the WHOLE BODY.  Hence, I study many soft tissue modalities, read extensive peer reviewed scientific journals (massage and general medical/physical/psychological science), and continually question how the body/mind in general function and how to solve the issue at hand.  I am a problem solver for your soft tissues medical issues.

My approach is not for everyone but we cannot be everything to all.