Cancer Mastectomy

Cancer and Mastectomy Therapy—
Massage and bodywork cannot cure cancer but it can offer greatly needed relief and enhance quality of life and make a significant contribution to your healing process. Adaptation of massage to safely nurture the body, mind, and spirit of anyone dealing with cancer is the focus of my work in this area.
I embrace the following when working with you:
Massage and bodywork…
Is a Team Effort—I work with your physician and other health care practitioners and will not interfere with your established treatment.
Is Special Care—Each person is special and will be honored with privacy and confidentiality. I will provide the best possible treatment using many bodywork modalities available in a gentle, caring, and soothing manner.
Is Available at the office, hospital or home with sessions of 30 minutes to an hour.
Is Taught to family members, friends and other caregivers. I am happy to teach others how to provide appropriate and compassionate touch.

Massage can:
Reduce Stress
Provide Relaxation and Comfort
Relieve Pain
Reduce Scar Tissue
Minimize Side Effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation
Increase Range of Motion and Mobility
Boost Immune System
Assist in Lymph, Blood, and Oxygen Flow
Remove Toxins from Body without Liver Overload
Decrease Fatigue
Provide a Feeling of Peace and Well-Being
Increase Body Awareness
Reconnect Mind, Body and Sprit
…And It Feels Good!

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