MediCupping Therapy


Cupping is a modality that has been used for centuries in all cultures in one form or another from hollowed out coconuts to flame-heated glass cups. The modern version uses glass cups attached to a vacuum machine where gauge readings assist with therapeutic sessions. The cup is gently moved over the skin by gliding, shaking, rotating, popping or pumping to work the soft tissues and fluids.

The action of MediCupping, on a superficial level, helps facilitate and mobilize soft tissue and fluids by mobilizing inflammation and toxins to the skin and lymphatic systems which processes and eliminates them. On a deeper level, MediCupping separates tissues enabling fluid movement (blood and lymph) to stressed and compromised tissue thereby opening the area for other manual manipulation. This separation enables water absorption and renewed blood flow to undernourished and dehydrated tissues. Examples are: scars (despite age or keloid aspect) and pre- and post-surgery this modality positively affects the layers to increase mobility and decrease congestion of soft tissues.

Conditions positively affected by MediCupping:
• Deep Tissue and structural issues—old injuries and chronic movement patterns
• Arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis
• Scarring—old, new, keloid, post-surgery
• Loose skin and old deposits from weight loss
• Lymphadema
• Migraines and tension headaches
• TMJ dysfunction
• Fibromyalgia
• Sports—injuries and post-event conditions
• Cellulite
• Plantar Fasciitis
• Parkinson’s disease

Medi Cupping can comfortably:
• Decrease or relieve pain and inflammation from injury or chronic conditions.
• Relieve deep muscular issues and reduces muscle spasms.
• Release and soften scar tissue and loosen post-surgery adhesions.
• Lift and stretch soft tissue to separate fascia and restrictions.
• Increase range of movement and flexibility in joints.
• Promote healthy circulation of blood and lymph.
• Move stagnation and enable normal lymphatic flow.
• Enhance any athletic training program to improve performance.


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