What Clients say!

I have been going to Katherine for a massage every four weeks for the past four years and I have recommended her to a few friends who have used her wonderful services. One of the greatest attributes of Katherine is her ability and willingness to listen. Whenever I have a particular problem, we discuss it and then she works on the problem with outstanding results. I especially enjoy the warm rice “backpack” to relax me completely. Also, she has used the Kinesio taping to help me with a broken toe. It really worked!! Katherine helps to reduce any stress I am carrying in my neck and shoulders, along with all the other aches and pains of living. I always feel great whenever I leave from a massage, and I am NEVER in pain. I will continue to recommend Katherine to anyone who wants or needs a great massage therapist. B.M.

Working with Katherine throughout my breast cancer recovery has been one of the greatest gifts in my healing. Her deep understanding of anatomy and range of therapeutic techniques have been invaluable when approaching  chronic pain and discomfort I experience post surgery and radiation treatments – she not only sees how interconnected the physical body is, but also understands how the emotional, thinking and energetic levels of my being play a vital role in the whole of my well being.  She sees me as a person, not a patient, and empowers me to have an active role in my recovery.  Katherine’s great communication, gentle touch and thorough attention to my needs during our time together really make me feel safe, comfortable and respected – a therapeutic experience all the way around. Walking into her space at GreenSquare always feels cozy and nourishing. I feel so blessed by her kindness and warmth and highly recommend her to anyone walking through a cancer experience. A.C.

The diversity of her modalities is most effective in managing my fibromyalgia, fatigue syndrome, and ongoing systemic detox from heavy metals and military/combat exposure.  Katherine was pivotal in my full function recovery from an ACL graft in my right knee.  I am able to participate in an annual biathalon, bike and run, and be very functionally strong to conduct my own clinical practice.  The integration of essential oils facilitates deep tissue healing and detox process.    Medi cupping has aided in fascial release, decreased adhesions, and greatly enriched my mobility.  J.W.

 Through her different techniques, Katherine helped restore my flexibility and strength. Over multiple treatments she helped to reduce my neuropathy symptoms and rid me of the burning and tingling feelings that plagued my feet. She increased the range of motion of my affected arm back to normal. She stopped the flow of lymphedema fluid that had been slowly accumulating in my arm and chest and taught me ways to keep it reduced. Her techniques reduced so many physical issues I had been experiencing and now I hardly ever think about how I used to feel. I continue to see Katherine monthly to keep me in the “feeling good phase”. S.F.

I’m not being melodramatic in the least in saying that Katherine de Shazer is one of the people who saved my life after breast cancer treatment.   By restoring the quality of my life, she has given me the power to keep going through a lot of pain from post-op scar tissue and orthopedic complications.  Katherine came highly recommended by cancer center physical therapists. I have been seeing her regularly for over a year, and in that time she has demonstrated impressive expertise in anatomy and physiology, sound judgment in using all modalities of treatment (massage, cupping, kinesio taping),  and keen sensitivity to who I am and what my psyche needs to be happy in my body.  I can bring her a jumbled description of various sources and kinds of pain and she miraculously turns it into a combination of treatments that precisely relieves my problems.   She’s constantly attentive to my feedback during treatments and we rejoice together when my body responds even better than anticipated.  Among the times I feel blissfully “normal” again—free from pain and orthopedically correct—are after appointments with Katherine.  I trust her entirely and am grateful beyond words for how she has improved—and continues to improve–the quality of my life.   C.K. 

Kathryn is extremely knowledgable about anatomy and also many modalities of massage. She can quickly adapt a program to a particular person’s responses to various modalities. She is creative and doesn’t give up if something isn’t working—a good problem solver. She is a very caring person who is friendly and easy to be with. I recommend her very highly. A.M.

Katherine is intelligent and intuitive and applies that knowledge and ability to her therapeutic techniques. Being a dancer, I appreciate what I have learned throughout the years with Katherine about how to nurture my body, mind and spirit. Our sessions are collaborative, calming and healing. K.M.